How being on top of the search engines effects your tradie pricing

Pricing strategy
Do you understand the difference between these levels of pricing, retail, trade, and wholesale.
Ask yourself, where do I fit into the food chain?
What would you say if I told you that in time, you could get to a position where you not only have plenty of enquiries but you have more control over your pricing and it won’t always be down to putting in the best price for the job, or quoting along with six others quoting for the same job.

You could be out there on your own as the the supplier of choice with the best presence on the internet with a great reputation

What does all that translate into? Yep great margin for you.

This means that you can go flat out and make money, or if you’re a family man spending a bit more time with the kids at the weekend instead of working all hours just to pay the bills.

You could be in a position to get the wholesale/trade price for your industry plus the retail margin that’s being picked off by someone higher up the food chain than you.

Business Directories
There are some directories like home improvement pages. These are big companies owned by big corporations like Murdoch’s or Telstra/Sensis combination. Ever dealt with these? If you havn’t then don’t for different reasons as follows:-
1. A directory like home improvement pages wants you to pay for every lead you decide you want. Trouble is they are taking money off 3 or 4 guys like you, so what do you think happens? - you are in against fierce competition again with customers bidding prices in a downwards direction like eBay
2. A Sensis/Yellowpages deal will want you to subscribe for a fixed period and will take you money even if it fails. Once tied in you can’t stop them pursuing you for the monthly amount because they will record all the telephone conversations you have with them and they are prepared to use these recordings as proof that you are locked in to their contracts.

So what about franchises?
Yep you could become a franchisee with all the promises and hype but ask yourself who are you working for? The franchisor definitely gets their pound of flesh out of you. You’ve got to pay to get in, the initial cost, (won’t be much less than $30K) then there are royalties you pay that they live off - and very nicely too. So it means that the margins are soaked up by the franchisor and you are left with the dregs

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