SEO to get on Google Page One then what about selling

Getting to page one on google can be used as part of an overall marketing effort to transition your business from being a one person trade to getting some critical mass or size where you can get your own staff.

So going on from the previous page you’ll need to able to sell

It’s not difficult.

Once again think about why someone should put their faith in you and write it down.
These are the points you’ll need to get across to your potential customers to be successful and you won’t need a spinning bow tie. Just a willingness and enthusiasm to have a happy customer.

Servicing your Customers

Get all those leads to sell then what?
Communication with customers is paramount. we’ve got phones, sms and email so why not use them all.

I’ve experienced the whole process from being a trade with a website that can’t be found. I’ve had to learn how to sell and learn what customers want from me as a supplier. It is not all about price. Have you tried to sell anything on eBay lately?

In the early days of eBay it was difficult but now its impossible to earn a living from it. The same with Amazon. You see the big boys with tons of capital have moved in with their warehouse prices. What does everyone do? They reduce their prices, and customers want cheap cheap so we get into a spiral and no one makes any money except the large retailers who have a wholesale AND a retail margin up their sleeve.

If you have a web presence you have to learn how to cope with the intricacies of how you pitch where you are in the market and that’s part of the selling process.

I can mentor you through this process.
So you need some help………send me an email and we can talk about what you are looking for - no strings attached.

I can formulate a plan with you that will give you a leg up into the digital world considering all aspects of your business, including page one of google.
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