SEO for tradesmen in Melbourne, Australia

I know you’ve heard it all before….

Promises made by companies to get you on page one of google, companies that promise the world but deliver very little.
Are you bamboozled by the science, the terminology……

Or just so desperate to get your website found and get more business that you’re prepared to give the Search Engine Optimisation Expert a go.

Hi! I’m a tradie. A roofing tradie in fact.
Yep, you’re talking to someone who talks your language.
I’m not sitting here behind the computer in a pin stripe suit.
I get home from work covered in crap like you do.
I’m not a snake oil salesman either.
Everything I tell you is direct from the horses mouth without the BS.

Do you get those “BLOCKED” phone calls that drive you crazy right when you’re in the middle of something like I do? Someone far away in Asia promising to give you a great SEO experience!

So what I’m talking about is getting on to page one of google without paying for google advertising. I get loads of phone calls from overseas based called centres (just as I’m pointing up a roof) trying to convince me to use their services for page one results. Trouble is they are selling Google Adwords. This is a Google service that can get you to page one but you have to bid for space to get noticed. You might think maybe I’ll give this a go and spend a bit, then you find you get out bid by a competitor, so in the end it costs a fortune just to stay where you are.

If you are trying to get ahead you might also be paying through the nose month after month for services that just somehow don’t seem to deliver, like those online trade directories.

Some of these large companies will bully you into paying for advertising even when you get nothing for it, just because you agreed to a “voice recorded contract” on the phone. Try getting some action from these corporate bullies and see how far you get.

5 years ago my company was nowhere in the search engines, but since then it has gone to ranking at No 1 and 2 for a whole load of keyword searches that everyday people use to look for my business.
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I know what you’re thinking.
This guy spent a barrow load of money on Google Advertising to get to the top, but as I explained above, I have not spent anything with Google.

Well, if I had done that, I’d be broke. (Typical Google Advertising shown on the right)

These SEO guys are really convincing but do you know what they re talking about?
They will use IT industry jargon to disguise what they’re on about and to make you feel inadequate.

My story is all about hard work and reaping the rewards for getting it right.

So how did I do it?
By finishing on the roof all day doing pointing, roof resto’s and fixing leaks then getting stuck into figuring out what the hell is going on with all this search engine stuff.

What happened?
Well, my business got so many enquiries I just couldn't keep up.

So ask yourself, why would you want to get more enquiries?

If you don’t want to work really hard then don’t bother. There’s no point.
Just carry on being a subby to your builder mate.
But remember, you’re just working for wages and being a cashflow banker especially if you are not being paid right away.

Also, you might already have a website……
You might be tempted into thinking that there’s something wrong with your site and so that’s why its not ranking.
So you go down the path of getting another website or getting it re-designed, then what?
You are totally screwed if it doesn’t work.

It’s all down to applying a carefully thought out set of rules and planning how your business looks to potential customers in the mobile digital world.

We’ve got a bunch of websites out there for customers including sites for roof repairs Perth and roof leak repairs Perth and roof leaks Melbourne

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Services we offer are:-
Website Design and building for desktop and mobile browsers
Search Engine Optimisation to get you on Google Page One
Digital footprint - how you control what customers see
Help with Selling
Pricing Strategy
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