Affordable websites for small business and tradesmen that give results

Have you ever thought about a new Website?
You may already have a website but its not showing up anywhere on Google, or any other of the search engines.
Your options to improve this are quite limited.
Maybe you could build a new site with all the bells and whistles or get yet another SEO company to do work for you with the risk that it might not work. However a significant up front investment would be required
How about considering an option where your risk is lowered.
We can build you a website to meet your objectives.
We can spread the risk and spread the payments and because its an ongoing based payment it may be a tax deductible expenditure

We make it easy for you. Detailed contracts are not necessary in our minds because if we are successful then so are you. The only commitment to us would be a set up fee so we can customise the website to suit you.
If you decide you like the site and want to keep it we can sell it to you.

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More general thoughts about getting a trade based business on page one of google if you decide not to lease a website - You need a plan.
Is there anything else you need to do besides getting on to google page one?
Have you examined how your business operates in detail.
If you want to grow ask yourself if you have the skills.

Getting onto google page one is just the start of putting together a strategy how you position your business in the digital world.
Do you have any specialist skills?
These need to be written down……….write down everything you can think of.

Then try to imagine what kind of business you want. There is no better time than now to start to develop your business. You’ve got just as much chance as someone with a load of money to chuck at this thing to succeed in your specialist place on the internet.

In fact you can own it if you want to.

So when you decide to give this SEO thing a go you need to be prepared.

No more is it about a phone number on the side of a ute or a business card.

My vehicle is not even sign written - no phone - no nothing. Not even a business card. Everything is managed on the web, google and most important………… reputation.

If you don’t do quality work don’t even bother to read the rest of this website.

On the internet….

You can be very successful fast….


you can fail even faster.

There really is nowhere to hide.

You’ve only got to do a google search on just about anything and you’ll see how far back in time google keeps archives for and displays them in the search results.

So this might be a great place to start………reputation management.

Basically in our language that means keeping things squeaky clean.

But most of all it means looking after your customer.

Getting onto google page one results can be used as part of an overall marketing effort to transition your business from being a one person tradesman to getting some critical mass or size where you can get your own staff. However you are in a great place if you do good work even if you’ve not capitalised on this yet. Sure you get local word of mouth and family recommends.

However ask yourself realistically if these jobs are at mates rates, where’s your profit? Not just profit for your pocket but profit to sustain a decent sized business, and most importantly your family.

Being on google page one gives your business exposure to competitors that are making money. These are the guys that will be alongside your business if your website has had professional search engine optimisation. You may find out also that they are big companies with big overheads that have to charge a top rate just to stay in business.

What does this mean for you?

Get all those leads to sell then what?
Read my next page about the difference between marketing and selling
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From a stainless steel fabrication factory, a height safety Melbourne based businesses, and a Perth based roof repairs Perth - anyone can benefit from what we do.
Services I offer are:-
Website Design and building for desktop and mobile browsers
Search Engine Optimisation to get you on Google Page One
Digital footprint - how you control what customers see
Help with Selling
Pricing Strategy