Affordable SEO for Melbourne small business, startups and trade based business

Search Engine Optimisation Melbourne for Google and Bing Search Engines. Lift your organic Search Results

We specialise in providing ethical SEO services and website and internet based marketing services to small businesses, to startups, and trade based businesses

Our background in real world business development, ground up sales and marketing, and hands on business management has given us a unique insight into your needs as a small business owner.

We will use our SEO skills to work with you to extract the best results possible for you from our search engine optimised website.

We have access to world class analysis software that can drill down into and slice and dice the terabytes of data available in every single niche market on the internet. Having the data is one thing, but we have the skills to interpret them into practical day to day needs for your business.

What do we offer?……..No SEO contracts………..No risk

We don’t charge you by the hour for SEO work, we don't want you to sign a contract, the SEO work is included in our unique pricing structure
We don’t make promises we can’t keep.
We always focus on the best dollar return for you.
We are prepared to back ourselves and offer a low risk, low cost SEO website package to you.

So if you want to benefit from getting new leads or a new enquiry source…….

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Our unique pricing structure means that we do things a bit differently to the normal SEO services provider who will lock you into a contract before your website even gets on to the bottom of page one of google's search results.
We build and customise a fully functioning website that’s fully search engine optimised for search results in your line of business.
We can get your business appearing in local search results (Google my business) Google Maps and organic search results on the first page of search engines
Our business is NOT about getting you to pay for advertising.
Free Consultation
So if you’re not sure about what to do next….. do I make changes to my existing website or how do I get my business on to the web. Call us for a chat over coffee….
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SEO Recent Review

Quote “I hired Kev of Keyvak SEO to create and manage two websites for my business because he advertised that they would rank on the first page on Google and thus generate me a lot of work. I have previously paid for various advertising venues but none were successful in attracting customers to my business and yet I trusted Keyvak's suggestion. Now looking back I can honestly tell that it was the best decision I have ever made for my business. I hired Keyvak SEO 9 months ago and immediately I went from sub-contracting to working for myself full time. I have so much work coming in that I can hardly keep up. The calls and emails are relentless. I finally have customers constantly reaching out to me with more and more job offers while I do not have to worry about anything related to the advertising anymore because Keyvak has taken care of it all. It is truely perfect. Moreover, the help from Keyvak does not stop with only advertising. They provide advice about every aspect of my business and always spend time discussing any problems I might have and building our further business strategies accordingly. Easy to reach and to communicate with as well as truely caring about my business and how to improve it. I would not exchange Keyvak's services for anything else. I would highly recommend Keyvak to anyone, especially to tradies who are looking for more work. I am a very happy customer. Cheers”
You can see that this website is a bit different to almost all the corporate style web sites offering Search Engine Optimisation Services.
That’s because our business has evolved from a trade based business with a plain speaking approach to all things SEO.

See web site renting


So how does it work?

We offer a low risk option for you the customer, we build websites, get them on to page one of google by using only ethical Search Engine Optimisation techniques.
So having a SEO'd website is like having a shop front facing a highway with loads of traffic passing the front door.
If you are on page 2 of google its like having a shop in a back street with no passing traffic. In this case you would have to spend loads on advertising in traditional press to get your customers to drop by. Similarly a non SEO Melbourne optimised website would have to spend money using Google Adwords for example.
So what benefits do you get?
  • A website built fully search engine optimised
  • Continually fully maintained website
  • A virtual business location that’s ready to be occupied by you
  • Just a set up fee to get started - no capital payment
  • Low risk because there are NO contracts
  • Get leads and sales enquiries at wholesale prices
  • Option to purchase website
Search Engines and Optimisation of Websites in Melbourne
Google’s main goal (besides making loads of money from advertising) is to get relevant organic search results in front of you when you are searching for something on the internet.
If they don’t, you’ll try Bing,Yahoo or DuckDuckGo (yes that’s a search engine) or something that will get you closer to what you’re looking for.
So what does this mean for you?
Well it gives you a fair chance of getting high up in the organic search rankings.
It does not mean that you have to invest in the best graphical style of website money can buy because it just won’t do you any good at all and if your designer is too smart with the graphics it might harm your chances.

No good if you want high exposure are looking to generate customer enquiries from your website.

So lets say you are looking for exactly that - i.e. your website is there for advertising your business and to get you more leads and enquiries so you can sell more.

If you’ve had a skirmish with SEO in Melbourne then you might be bamboozled by the science, the terminology and the mystique of it all.
Or maybe you’ve had a load of promises made to you and the results have not matched the hype.
Or you’re just so desperate to get your website found and get more business, that you’re prepared to give the Search Engine Optimisation Expert a go.

So what we are talking about is getting on to page one of google without paying for google advertising.

5 years ago our trade based company was nowhere in the search engines, but now (and for a large part of the 5 years) it ranks at No 1 for a whole load of keyword searches that everyday people use to look for the trade business.

Send us an email or call and have a chat, no pressure, no bull, what have you got to lose.
My story is all about hard work and reaping the rewards for getting it right.

What happened?
Well, my business had so many enquiries I just couldn't keep up.
If you already have a great looking website that’s not generating leads for you then it might need an overhaul with changes that will give you a better chance at getting on page one of google.

Read my next page to read how First Page of Google and SEO Melbourne fits in with Website Marketing.

Services I offer are
Website Design and building for desktop and mobile browsers
Search Engine Optimisation to get you on Google Page One
Digital footprint - how you control what customers see

SEO For Small Businesses and Online Marketing

If you own a small business, then you are aware of the problems you can run into, particularly when it comes to marketing your product or service. But it's not a hopeless situation; more and more people are coming to depend on the online world for not only their entertainment, but to find new stores and companies to support, as well. Harnessing this is vital if you want to do well. Even though there may be 876 million websites out there you can get your business found with a professional search engine person guiding you.

1. When you create an online home for your business, you are showing that you are willing to embrace the modern era and move with the times. These days, customers actually expect a business to have some kind of website. When you put one together, they will be impressed and more willing to work with you.

2. One tactic to push marketing for your small business is to join a social network, such as a forum. When you come to live among them, so to speak, and interact with them, they will see you differently. You won't be just another cold, impersonal business in their eyes. They will believe that your small business cares about what they feel and think. You may even gain a loyal customer base if you play your cards right.

Many things can be stacked against a small business, be it a small-scale budget or lack of knowledge on how to get yourself out there. In the past, the internet was not an option, but these days it is the perfect tool to reach potential customers all over the world. There is no need to pay thousands for a billboard or TV commercial; word of mouth can be just as effective. Remember, you may not be successful during the first round, but if you keep trying, positive results are bound to be in your future.
We work extensively in the construction industry and where roofing companies doing Roof Repairs Melbourne, high pressure concrete driveway cleaning, and property renovations Melbourne require our help to get to the top of google.
About Us
Are you a small business or trade based business and suffering from Search Engine Expert overload? Maybe you just need more enquiries. Let us help you transform your website profile into something more profitable
We do the following
Develop websites from scratch
Create solid content
Build linking strategy

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